ABSA Credit Cards

ABSA Credit Cards

Having a credit card can be handy. A Credit Card will allow you can build a credit score, you will not need any other store cards to buy goods on credit, and of course, there are the times when you might need instant cash in case of an emergency.

Important Note you manage the credit card properly. Going crazy with a credit card and buying items you might not need will require self-control.

You have to be mindful and not forget that the money you spend with your credit card must be paid back. When you use your credit card to buy an item or pay for a service you have two options to choose from before the transaction is processed straight or budget.

Difference Between Straight and Budget

Straight – means that you will settle the whole amount within the next month if you do this you will not be charged interest. This depends on the T & C’s of the company you have the credit card with.

Budget – when you select the budget option you can then choose six or twelve months this means that payments will be spread over that period to pay back the money.

ABSA Bank Credit Cards – ABSA bank is a subsidiary of Barclays Africa Group Limited.

They provide a range of financial services. This article is about ABSA banks variety of credit cards they offer, accompanied by added discounts and benefits.

The Benefits Of An ABSA Credit Card:

  • ABSA credit cards are excepted worldwide so you will never need another card when you travel
  • You like to shop online – Not a problem with ABSA credit card
  • Using and paying your ABSA credit card will help you build a reliable credit history
  • ABSA credit card offers great rewards whenever you buy and pay with your card

The types of credit cards offered by ABSA South Africa:

  • Platinum ABSA Credit Card – The Platinum credit card is designed to meet individuals financial and lifestyle needs and it’s available to people earning more than R25 000 monthly. Benefits that go with this type of ABSA Credit Card includes free Bidvest lounge access in terminals within South Africa and exclusive offers and discounts.
  • Gold ABSA Credit Card – The Gold credit card offers are designed to suit your needs and available to people earning more than R4 000 monthly. Benefits accompanying this type of ABSA Credit Cards includes discounted Bidvest Airport lounge access in terminals within South Africa with an automatic basic travel insurance.
  • Transact Credit Card – The Transact credit card offers people who have been looking to start building their credit record for the first time and it’s available to people earning at least R2 000 monthly. This type can be used for anything from fuel purchases paid back in fixed monthly payments.
  • Student Credit Card – The Student credit card offers students services with banking convenience and the opportunity to start building a credit profile. This applies to a student who is full-time registered with valid ID.

Need More Help With ABSA Credit Cards

Visit your nearest ABSA branch, call 0861 46 22 73 or email: contactcard@absa.co.za

Visit ABSA online to apply or for more information

Read Budget for unexpected expenses.