Affordable Funeral Plans

Affordable Funeral Plans From Old Mutual

No matter the highs and lows we have with our family members. We value our family dearly. We do not want to see any harm come to them. If something should happen to a family member. The family of the deceased wants to provide the deceased with a respectful and decent funeral.

It does not matter what faith or culture you practice. Our responsibility is to lay our loved ones to rest with dignity and respect. It is every family’s responsibility and duty. No matter how the person lived their life. You must honor all family members.

Old Mutual Funeral Plan

Old Mutual offers three types of plans at affordable premiums.

  • Easiplus plan – covers for R70 000
  • Funeral plan – covers for R70 000
  • Greenlight plan – covers for R100 000 (Needs medical certificate)

The funeral plans offer a range of benefits. Old Mutual custom design plans according to the client’s needs.

A funeral plan is normally the last policy on everyone’s list. Death comes unexpectedly. If you have a funeral plan it will greatly assist you and your family in your time of need.

Applying For A Funeral Plan

  • What you want the plan to cover?
  • How much installment you can afford each month?
  • The number of family members you want to be covered?
  • Compare plans to make sure your needs are covered.

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Reasons To Consider Getting A Funeral Plan

  • Your family will be seen in the event of a funeral.
  • You or your family will not make extra debt for the funeral.

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