African Bank Gold Credit Card

The African Bank Gold Credit Card

African Bank is a well-known bank among most in South Africa. Financial services provider that offers their clients convenience banking solutions.

African Bank offers quality credit cards that will let you make a statement without saying a single word. The most popular credit card is the African Bank Gold card.

With many years of experience. African Bank Gold Credit Card is internationally accepted and comes packaged with loads of benefits that suit each individual financial needs. It takes only 24 hours for the acceptance of your application.

People who wish to purchase products with the credit card, will not be charged in any store in South Africa. You will also get two first free ATM withdrawals. We all know what nowadays life throws at people so worry not. For your peace of mind, if anything happens to you, you will be covered with the African Bank Credit Life Insurance.

How to qualify for Gold Credit Card

It’s very easy applying for the credit card at African Bank, you just have to at age of 18 and older with your South African Identity Book or Smart Card and a proof of residence to show your permanent residence in South Africa.

Bring along your employment information with the latest original payslip as well as the 3 months stamped bank statement of your account which your salary is deposited into. Also, ensure that your proof of residence has your names and address clearly written.

African Banks is like any other institution going to perform a credit check for your profile.

How much will you get be charged with the African Bank Gold Card?

Just after your application has been approved and depending on your credit profile, African Bank will know exactly how much will be allocated to your credit account. And then your monthly service fee will be R68.40 from which you will be charged R5.50 for funds transfer fee into your account.

All your SMS notifications will be free of charge including your statement reprint per page. After you have used your first two free ATM withdrawals, African Bank will charge you R11.40 for withdrawals and R5.70 for withdrawals less than R100.

Apply now for your African Bank Gold Credit Card

The first step for applying for the African Bank Gold Credit Card. Is to visit their website to fill in the application form with your valid contact details. As soon as African Bank receives your applicant, they’ll start processing it and send you notifications via SMS whenever there’s a change in your application.

African Bank will give you available or recommended offers from the information supplied. If you don’t have access to the internet. You can always visit one of the branches so that consultants can help you right away.

African Bank Contact Details

If you would like to talk to African Bank regarding the Gold Credit Card, please contact 011 256 9988 or use their cellphone banking service 13049494#. Alternatively, just visit the African Bank website which contains all the necessary contact information.

Review Your Budget

Getting a credit card? Check your budget to make sure you can afford it.