Bank-Credit Card Safety

Bank-Credit Card Safety Tips

I read a news article on how a bank client was defrauded of R157 000.00 due to identity fraud. This made me think about how safe our identities are. And how easy it is these days for us to get scammed out of our hard earned cash.

There will be times that we will not have control of how scammers will gain access to how personal information. Sometimes though they get the information from us. This is due to our negligence and most of the time they get the information because they are all good con artists.

Guard Your Bank-Credit Card Pins

  • Your pins are key access to your cards
  • Always memorize your pins never write it down
  • If you cannot remember the pins then keep the note in a safe place and not in your wallet or bag with your cards
  • When making use of an ATM make sure no one sees you enter your pin number. If you must cover the pad with your other hand
  • Do not make use of an ATM that has been vandalized or looks like it has been tampered with
  • If you feel that your card pin has been compromised then change the pin at your bank branch
  • For credit cards always keep your card with you never give out the card number or the CCV number at the back of the card
  • If anyone or scammers  get access to those two numbers they can easily use your credit card numbers to buy goods online
  • If you pay by card at a restaurant or any store never let the card leave your eyesight

Safety Tips Using An ATM

  • Choose an ATM that you use and know the area well
  • Try to use an ATM at a bank branch
  • When you are entering your pin code at the ATM stand close to the machine. If required cover the keypad with your free hand
  • Do not let anyone distract you. If some do approach you indicate that you are busy and that they must wait
  • Or else cancel the transaction if the person is not moving away from you
  • Check your card to make sure it is yours when you have done with the transaction
  • Make sure the ATM is in good order
  • Do not draw large amounts at an ATM
  • Check your bank account on a regular basis. A banking app gives you easy access to check your balance on a daily basis
  • Cancel lost or stolen cards immediately
  • Never give your pin codes to anyone including banking staff

Lost Bank Cards

If you should happen to lose your bank or credit card then cancel your card immediately. Do not think it is lost and no one will be able to make use of it because they do not have the pin. Anyone that finds your card will be able to access the pin code if they have access to a card skimming device.

If you make use of a banking app you will be able to disable or report your bank card lost or stolen via the banking. This will prevent anyone from making use of your card even if they able to access the pin for your card.

Standard Bank Lost or Stolen Card Contact Number :

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