Spend Your Money Wisely On Black Friday

Black Friday, was at first an American sales event where stores will have these huge discounts on products. It drove the American consumer wild. I remember seeing the stampedes for the first time on television. And my first thought was what is wrong with the American people.

Black Friday, has now reached the South African shores. Now, I understand the hype around the sale and discounts offered. In South Africa, you not only get Black Friday, but you also get Black Friday, week or weekend.

This gives everybody a chance to shop and get a hand in, in some of the items on sale. Unfortunately, there is only limited stock available so as always if you want to be a part of the sale then get to the stores early.

Consumers are always looking for a bargain. The discounts that some stores offer are so good that nobody can resist the offers and you get caught up in the hype of the sale and this is dangerous.

Black Friday, is also very close to the festive season. Make sure that you manage your money wisely and that you do not find yourself strapped for cash over the festive season.

Here Are Some Tips To Manage Your Spend

  • Have a budget and do not go over it.
  • Plan what you want to buy.
  • Only buy items that you really need.
  • Save on Christmas shopping and gifts. If you know what you getting your loved ones for Christmas then see if those items are on sale. This will be a good time to save some money.
  • Buy your sale items cash. Charging the products you buy to a store or credit card will just incur extra charges like interest etc. You will not be saving money.
  • Go with a friend or family member and inform each other of your budgets. Assist each other to stick to your budgets.

Safety Tips

  • Keep your bag, wallet, and phone close at hand.
  • Be aware of what is going on around you.
  • Keep safe watch that you do not get injured and do not injure anybody.
  • Do not get over excited by the crowd or the hype.
  • Have lots of patients the ques might be long.
  • Stay calm and remember to breathe you have been to the shops many times before.

What To Do If You Not Have The Cash For Black Friday?

  • Start saving now for Black Friday next year.
  • Imagine how good it will be if you actually able to buy goods on sale cash.
  • Read the articles below to assist with your next savings project.

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