Blacklisted Loan Assistance

Blacklisted Loan Assistance

Have you been blacklisted and settled the bad debt? Struggling to get a loan? Do you need assistance to get a loan? Ayoba Loans assist blacklisted individuals to apply for loans.

You do not know what life has planned for you. Or what obstacles life is going to put in your path financially or emotionally. No person plans to get blacklisted.

We all need that extra cash to achieve our goals and dreams. Unfortunately, banks hardly assist blacklisted clients with a cash loan. Depending on the terms you were blacklisted, you can wait up to two years to have your credit record cleared.  That can be too long await to move on with your life.

Assistance From Ayoba Loans

Ayoba Loans assist blacklisted and not blacklisted clients to apply for loans. Ayoba works with a number of credit lenders that they submit your application for a loan to.

All lenders Ayoba works with are registered with the (NCR) National Credit Regulator. The loans application is completely private, safe and legitimate. No need to have security to apply for a loan.

Information Required

  • You will need to be a South African citizen with an SA Identity Document.
  • Must have a South African bank account.
  • Proof of residential address not older than 3 months.
  • A basic income of R3 000 per month.

Conditions Your Loan Application Can Fail

  • You cannot afford the monthly repayments.
  • If you are currently under sequestration or administration.
  • You have applied for debt counseling.

Cost Involved

  • 15% initiation fee of the loan amount up to R1 000.
  • 10% + Vat thereafter
  • R50 + Vat per month service
  • Interest charges
    • 0.17% per day
    • 5% per month
    • 60% per annum

Contact Ayoba Loans

Tel: 074 123 8235

Web: Apply online

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