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Budget Comprehensive Car Insurance

Budget car insurance offers three types of car insurance. Do you treat your car like a family member? Or do you refer to your car as your baby? Then not having car insurance for your car is not a good idea if you value your car so much.

There is only one insurance option for you and that is the comprehensive car insurance plan from Budget car insurance.

Meaning Comprehensive Insurance

Your car is insured for theft and accidents. You can also claim for any third-party damage to property and other vehicles.

The other two car insurance policies Budget offers are Third party and Theft and Third party.

Meaning Third Party Insurance

Third party insurance only covers the other person vehicle. For example. If you make an accident and it is your fault then third-party insurance will only pay out for the damage you cause to the other vehicle. It will not cover repairs to your car.

Under third-party insurance, your vehicle is not covered.

If you treat your car like your baby then do not even look at third-party insurance cover.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Cost

Comprehensive insurance monthly premiums cost more than third-party insurance fee.

Your monthly premium all depends on the following

  • How old you are.
  • How long you have your drivers license.
  • Your driving record.
  • The make and model of the vehicle you want to insure.

Benefits Having Budget Car Insurance

  • Cash Back Bonus
    • You get 15% back of premiums paid after two claims free years, uninterrupted cover.
    • 10% of your premiums back if remain claim free for another two years.
    • After that, you get 10% back of premiums paid if you remain claim free.
  • Road Assist
    • Stuck without petrol or just a flat tire.
    • Maximum three call-outs per insured vehicle per year.
  • Home Assist
    • Need a plumber, electrician or glazer.
  • Trauma Assist
  • Medical Assist
    • You will have 24-hour access to trained medical professionals.
  • Legal Assist
  • Entertainment Assist

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