Capitec Credit Card

Capitec Credit Card

Capitec Global one – In short the Capitec Credit Card is an across the board cash administrations arrangement offered by Capitec bank that helps you to easily take full control of your cash by empowering you to transact, save and get credit progressively. It is the one answer for all you’re keeping money needs.

When we discuss straightforwardness we discussing Global one. Providing easy access to instant cash when you might run sort of cash just in case you want to shop for that special item for a loved one or need cash for an emergency.

Make sure that you use your credit card wisely remember the money has to be paid back.

Three segments that make up Global one:

  1. Saving Plans-You can deal with your saving with up to 4 customized represents free. Benefits incorporate having the capacity to pick adaptable or settled term reserve funds, free exchanges between your records and you win higher intrigue.
  2. Transaction/Savings Account_For you’re everyday purchases, payments and exchanges anyplace and at whatever time. The advantages incorporate winning higher enthusiasm on everyday parties and you pay lower, fixed exchange expenses.
  3. Credit plans-You gets customized credit in view of your credit profile and moderateness when you require it. When you require additional money you can be guaranteed that endorsement is done in minutes and the cash is accessible immediately. The highlight is that you get free conservation and demise cover on advances 6 months and more

What is expected to apply for Capitec Global One?

  • Your ID book
  • Most recent pay slip
  • Proof of home address – Not older than three months utility or rent statement.
  • 3 months bank proclamations

Capitec Contact Details

For more info, you can call Capitec Bank on 0860 10 20 43 or visit their site Or visit a Capitec Bank office close to you today.

Always make sure you do not spend more than your budget will allow. Calculate your budget.

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