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Statistics show that more and more South African woman are getting their driver license. Having car insurance for women that cater to the South African woman driver just makes sense.

Women drivers are better than men drivers studies indicate this. Sorry guys but statistics do not lie. Men get easily distracted by a beautiful woman along the road. Women drive with less aggression. They do not break as sudden as men. Women take corners slower.

First For Woman Car Insurance

First for woman car insurance caters to the insurance need of the South African woman driver. Taking into consideration that South African woman drivers are better drivers than South African men drivers.

First for woman car insurance offers the following benefits.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover:

  • Towing and storage of your vehicle if it was in an accident.
  • Medical cost up to R500.
  • You can add canopy and sound system cover.
  • Can add hail damage cover.
  • You can also opt for car hire if your car is stolen or damaged.

3rd Party, Fire & Theft (This do not cover your car for repairs in case of an accident):

  • Cover your car for third-party accidents (Only other person’s car), fire, and theft.
  • Towing and storage if your car was in an accident.
  • Payment of medical cost up to R500.
  • You can choose a car hire.
  • Option to add third-party cover up to R20 million for an additional fee.
  • You have the option to upgrade and add windscreen damage, sound system, and canopy cover.

3rd Party Only Cover (Only covers other drivers damages):

  • If you cannot afford comprehensive insurance you can just cover yourself against third-party damages.
  • Medical cost up to R500.
  • Sound system cover if you specify.
  • You can choose third party-cover up to R20 million for an additional fee.

Do not just ensure your car for third-party cover it is not advised.
Make sure that you ensure your car that your car will be repaired or replaced when in an accident. 

Guardian Angel Benefit

Driving South African roads as a woman can be risky. First for woman car insurance offers Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assistance. It includes Guardian Angel Call, Roadside assist, Home assist, Medical assist, Tax, finance, legal assist, and Concierge assist.

Keep Your Car Roadworthy

Make sure that your car is in good roadworthy condition. Your insurance can refuse to cover you for expenses if they find the car not to be in a roadworthy condition.

Read: Keep Your Car Roadworthy For Insurance.

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