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Humans form incredible relationships with their cars. We treat our cars like family members. Giving your car a name or referring to your car as my baby.

Keeping your maintained and insured can get expensive. You have to keep your car insured. In case you are in an accident your car will be covered for damages or if it is a write-off.

Keep your car well maintained and in a roadworthy condition. Insurance does not pay out claims if your car is in an accident and not in a roadworthy condition.

To keep your car insurance premium down do an insurance comparison ever 1 to 2 years.


MiWay Car Insurance

MiWay Cheap Car Insurance Looking for cheap car insurance that allows you to save by customizing your cover? MiWay gives you the ability to choose your own insurance expense plan. Adjust your excess payment to decrease your monthly payments. You don’t want…

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