Car Insurance So Many Options

As South Africans we have quite a few companies to choose from to ensure our cars with. Each insurer offers different packages to save you money and each company has their own added on benefits to entice you with.

At the end of the day, we as the consumer is always looking to save money and reviewing your car insurance each year is one of the best ways where you can save a little money.

If you still paying an installment on your car then it is a good idea to have it insured.  Paying a car and is not insured is very risky here in South Africa. Losing your car to an accident or hijacking without insurance will put you in a real financial crisis.

Unless of course, you have an extra million in a bank somewhere having insurance will be the least of your worries then.

Note that some banks that do vehicle finance may request your insurance documents on a yearly basis as long as you paying for the car. WesBank did that to me when I had my vehicle financed through the Bank.

Cheap Car Insurance King Price

What makes King Price Car Insurance different?

With King Price, you not only start off with a lower premium but from Car Insurance from King Price, the premiums actually reduce each month as the value of your decreases how awesome is that.

How it works.

  • Depending on the make of your car your insurance premium comes down bt R10 at the of the second month.
  • After 12 months the deduction of your premiums will have saved you R660 and after three years you will have saved R6 300.
  • King Price also offers a super discount on premiums if you insure more than one vehicle which will still decrease every month.
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Keep Your Vehicle In a Roadworthy condition

Make sure to keep your car in a roadworthy condition, because if you in an accident and the vehicle was not in a roadworthy condition then your insurance may refuse to have your car repaired.

Read Keep your car roadworthy for insurance.