Cheap Funeral Policy

The Cost Of A Funeral

On average the funeral cost to bury a loved one can range from R7 000 up to R50 000. This can depend on the type of funeral to be hosted. The cost involved to plan for a funeral normally involves the price of the plot, flowers, coffin, headstone, and undertaker services. Other costs involved include food, travel, funeral programs, and the registration of death.

Opting for cremation can cost from R6 000 upwards this excludes the cost to scatter the ashes.

The cost of a funeral depends on the income of the family. A basic income of R10 000 per month the funeral will cost about R7 000. The middle-income group funeral costs range from R12 000 up to R50 000. High-income earners funeral cost start from R40 000 and can go up to R500 000 depending on what status or influence the deceased had.

Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Policy Benefits

  • The Kaizer Chiefs funeral policy is underwritten by Hollard Life Assurance Company Limited.
  • Gives you and your family peace of mind.
  • Cover ranges from R10 000 up to R75 000 depending on the plan you choose.
  • Cover starts from as little as R99.
  • Payout up to R75 000 for you and your partner and R20 000 for each child.
  • Use of a motor car up to 6 days to assist you in making arrangements. First tank of petrol free.
  • In case of accidental death, the benefit will pay out double on your funeral cover.
  • An amount of R1200 per month for 12 months to assist the family.
  • Cover for parents or in-laws under the age of 75 years for R10 000 for a small additional premium.

Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Plan Options

  • Individual funeral plan
  • Family funeral plans
  • Additional children plans
  • Added benefit plans memorial benefit, parents and in-laws benefit plans

Good Investment

It is hard on a family to lose the main provider. Covering you and your family under a  funeral policy is a good investment. This will ensure that you or your family do not have the stress of financial worries in your time of grief.

The Kaizer Chiefs Funeral plan has all your needs covered. Contact Kaizer Chiefs Funeral plan online to get a quote for you and your family.

Need to know what premiums you will be able to afford? Calculate your budget here.