Checkers Xtra Savings – Reward Card

Checkers Xtra Savings / (Reward Card) Is Here!

Checkers released its Xtra Savings card at the end of 2019. It is not like any other rewards card out there. You do not get points or cashback when you swipe the card.

How The Card Works

The Xtra Savings Card gives you access to specials that Checkers have on offer. Only cardholders will get discounts. To be clear if you do not have the Xtra savings card. You will not get the discounted offer and you pay the regular price for the items.

Unfortunately, this is a bit confusing to some consumers. I stood in many check out ques where the customer was told they need an Xtra Savings card. To get the discount on the products they buy.

What you have to look out for in the Checkers store. Some sale items will be marked with Xtra Savings. Do not take from those items if you do not have a card. Unless you are prepared to pay the regular price.

What adds to the confusion is that Checkers also have their regular items on sale. For that sale items, you will not need an Xtra Savings card for.

So if it indicates Xtra savings then you will need to card to get the discount.

Is It Worth It to Get the Card?

With the constant price increase on daily basic necessities, it will be worth it to get your own card. I do not use the card all the time. Remember the card only give you access to items that are market Xtra Savings.

I use my card the most when I see items on sale that I use. Or when items that I know are pricy that I normally do not buy are on sale. The card comes in handy for those moments. Mostly to treat me and my kids with those pricier products from time to time.

From my perspective yes, it is worth getting the Checkers Xtra Savings card.

Are There Any Cons From Getting The Checkers Xtra Savings Card?

I mentioned in a previous blog that these companies that offer these cards. They accumulate a huge amount of data on the consumer. Basically, they have some very good insight into your life and spending habits. We all just hope and pray that they will use the information they are collecting for good instead of evil.

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