Clientele Funeral Plan

Clientele Funeral Plan – Death is a fact that we all have to face, in the unfortunate event of death, your family should be provided for to cover the cost of a funeral and not have to worry about where the money will come from.

For as little as R99 pm, Clientele offer two plans that you can subscribe to the Funeral Dignity Plan and the Ultimate Dignity Plan. Clientele’s funeral plans payout within 24 hours of a valid death claim.

Clientele Ultimate DIginity Plan also pays out all your premiums plus the cover amount of your policy for the member claimed.

 Reasons to join Clientele Funeral Plans:

  • Clientele Funeral Plans are affordable
  • Plans start from R99 per month
  • Up to R50,000 individual cover
  • Up to R250,000 family cover
  • Cover 3 of your children at no additional cost
  • Extended family members can be covered as well. Cover up to 13 people on 1 plan
  • Pays out within just 24 hours of receipt of relevant documentation
  • R200 FREE airtime on valid claims, to help with the necessary funeral arrangements
  • Grocery Benefit, Unveiling Benefit and Transport Benefit available
  • Access to a 24-hour funeral helpline where professionals will assist you with various aspects of arranging the funeral, such as grief counseling, repatriation of the body, and discounted rates with various funeral supplies.
  • Double accident benefit available.

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