Not All Debt Is Planned

Sometimes things happen in life that we do not plan for and most of the times the stuff that happens in our lives involves money. Times we have the money to cover the cost of the unexpected expenses other times we have to make unplanned loans to cover our selves.

There are times when these unexpected expenses happen right after each other and we do not get a chance to take a breath and recover financially. We then take personal loans to cover the expenses. For a while, we manage to pay these loans but a time might come when we struggle to pay all the loans.

Taking out a personal loan to consolidate your debt to ease your financial burden might just be the solution.

Why Take Another Personal Loan To Consolidate Your Debt

Different loan companies charge various interest and service fee rates these fees add up in the long run. If you are struggling to pay off the various loans and make late payments then these companies charge interest for late payments.

Consolidating your debt means you only paying of one account. You will not have to stress about paying multiple accounts.

Consolidate Your Debt With A Personal Loan From Old Mutual

Old Mutual has been in business since 1845 and is a registered credit provider. OldMutual has over 300 branches countrywide. Old Mutual offer Banking, Insurance, Investment, and Personal Loans.

Old Mutual also offers a Old Mutual Free Online Workshop on how to manage your money.

Old Mutual offers personal loans to consolidate your debt from R2000 up to R200 000. Payment options available are from 1 to 84 months. Old Mutual charges an interest rate of 27.5%.

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