Discovery Life Cover

Discovery Life Cover – Rewards you for living a healthy lifestyle:

Discovery Life Plan is designed to offer you flexible personal financial protection at low-cost premiums and rewards you for being healthy. Discovery Life offers an additional up to 15% discount of on your Life Plan when you manage your health and wellness, you will then receive even more benefits.

Discovery offers the following plans to choose from:

  • Classic Life Plan, which offers comprehensive and efficient long-term protection
  • Essential Life Plan, which offers cost-effective cover for a defined level of protection

Discovery Life also offers a collection of customizable benefits:

  1. Covering the full range of possible life-changing events, from death and disability to severe illness, loss of income, and much more. It is a comprehensive offering that ensures no matter which stage of life you find yourself in, you will be covered, rewarded, and financially secure.
  2. Advantages of being a Discovery Life policyholder you will have access to a benefit structure that rewards you throughout your policy term, whether you claim or not.

Reasons why you should choose Discovery Life:

  1. The most comprehensive cover in the market.
  2. Discovery Life is the first to reward clients for living a healthier lifestyle. The Life cover is the most comprehensive on the market today.
  3. It is also South Africa’s number one Life Insurer.
  4. Upfront and ongoing discounts for staying healthy and driving well.
  5. You get an initial 15% discount when you join Discovery Life.
  6. Simply integrate your other Discovery products with Discovery Life for the initial premium discount and other premium discounts as well.
  7. Only life insurer to reward you throughout your policy term, even if you claim.
  8. Discovery Life offers what they call the PayBack benefit and this will pay you a portion of your premiums back every year or every five years, depending on the option you choose.
  9. Cover that automatically adapts benefits according to your changing needs.
  10. Discovery Life’s benefits automatically transform to maintain relevance to your changing needs.
  11. Discovery Life also offers features to supplement your retirement savings.
  12. Discovery Life has an exemplary claims record.
  13. Discovery Life record for paying claims are exemplary.
  14. While it is imperative for clients to contact us after suffering a life-changing event, through our unique proactive claims service, Discovery Life can identify when a Discovery Health member qualifies for a claim.

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