Discovery Credit Card

Discovery Credit Card

Discovery credit card comes with some unique benefits. Cashback, for shopping with the Discovery credit card. You can also get rewards when you make use of your card while traveling overseas.

You can apply for a Discovery credit card online.  To apply, you have to be a Discovery Health or a Discovery Life member and be 18 years or older. You must also be a South African citizen or have a valid work permit.

A credit card can be a great addition to have, especially if you have to pay for unforeseen expenses. With this credit card, he will also have the ability to pay for your day-to-day medical expenses. With the Health Wallet. This is a separate facility available on your credit card.

In addition to the credit card benefits, you can also apply for a Discovery Motor Card that offers you a convenient way to pay for your fuel and other car-related expenses. Along with this card, you will receive benefits like emergency assistance that will help with a flat tire or if you need assistance on the side of the road, also a towing service in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

Why should I take the Discovery Credit Card?

  1. Cashback for shopping – If you use the credit card to buy your favorite products at selected stores in South Africa, you will get up to 20% cashback on your Discovery Card. There are no limitations as to what you can buy, you can purchase anything you afford.
  2. Rewards for traveling – Use your Discovery Card for holidays with World Leisure Holidays, Royal Caribbean International, or Contiki and get up to 20% cashback.
  3. Discovery Miles for even more rewards – You can activate the Discovery Miles benefit anytime on your credit card. As soon as the feature is activated, when you use your card, you will earn Miles to shop or travel.
  4. Paying for medical expenses – You can use this card to pay for medical bills. As we understand that the privacy practices in South Africa can be very pricey, getting help from Discovery Card can aid in lowering the pressure you might be going through.
  5. Big Concerts premium live events – Discovery is an official card partner to Big Concerts, which allows cardholders to enjoy great deals and offers at South Africa’s selected events.

Contact Details

Contact a Discovery’s adviser on 0860 11 22 73/0860 000 628 or send them a request by means of email at You can likewise sign on to the Discovery site at and read more.

Credit cards come with lots of responsibilities make sure you manage your money well.