FNB Credit Card

FNB Credit Card

FNB is one of the leading innovative banks in South Africa. Committed to helping their clients with their financial and banking needs.

The salary you earn per month will depend on what Credit card you can qualify for.

The FNB offers it’s credit card customers rewards when making use of their credit cards. One of the rewards you get is FNB eBucks. You also have the option to link your credit card to your savings account giving you more options to save. You will also get access to other FNB products.

Why Choose FNB Credit Card?

When you signed up to FNB credit card you will be part of the FNB reward system? The FNB credit card allows you to personalize your credit limit between R3000 to R30 000.

You will get up to 55 days interest-free when using the card to swipe or even do cash withdrawals. FNB offers debt protection in case of death or permanent disability. This is to protect your family so that they do not inherit your debt.

The FNB Classic Credit Card offers you free swipes, pay nothing when you swipe with the card.

FNB Credit Card Qualification Criteria

Getting a credit card with FNB has never been this simple and easy. You must be older than 18 years of age. You must have a valid South African ID as well as your proof of residential address.

You must earn a salary of more R84 000 per annum. This will depend on the type of credit card you will be applying for. FNB offers five types of credit cards. You will also need a copy of 3 months payslips and three-month bank statement.

Once you have the required documentation you may make application for an FNB credit card. Please note FNB do credit checks on all applicants for credit cards.

FNB Contact Details

You may apply for an FNB credit card by visiting an FNB branch or you can apply online.

Click here to apply online for an FNB credit card.

Learn To Manage Your Credit Card

Having a credit card opens a new way to spend your money. You can buy goods online, pay at most stores, and you can draw cash when needed. If you are a regular overseas traveler you will not be lost as you can use your credit card overseas.

Always remember to use your credit card with care and only spend on items that you really need. Many people fall into the trap where they live of their credit card because they overspent.

They have to pay big installments on their credit cards. Then they have to use their credit card again to cover when they get short of money.

Always check your budget before applying for credit to see what you can afford. Click here to calculate your budget.