FNB Credit Card

FNB Credit Card

FNB Credit Card – As a leading innovative bank in South Africa that is dedicated and committed to helping people with their financial needs. Depend on what your salary is per annum will determent the credit you qualify for.

The FNB Credit Card offers the cardholder the opportunity to get rewarded in the form of eBucks. The rewards allow you to save more when you link your card with the savings account and the amount you’re going to earn will upon your reward level linked to different FNB products.

Why Choose FNB Credit Card?

If you apply for credit with FNB, you will automatically be subscribed to the rewarding system which allows you to save more in a linked savings account. The card allows you to personalize your credit limit between R3000 to R30 000.

You will get up to 55 days interest-free when using the card to swipe or even withdrawals. You will also be required to take a Debt Protection insurance which will cover you in the case of permanent disabilities and or death which the debt will not be handed over to your family.

The FNB Classic Credit Card offers you free swipes, pay nothing when you swipe with the card.

FNB Credit Card Qualification Criteria

Getting a credit card with FNB has never been this simple and easy, you just need to confirm that you are between the age of 18 years and 60 years with a valid South African ID as well as your proof of residence. You have to be earning more than R80 000 annually,  your recent 3 months payslip will be required as well as your banking information which your income is paid into. A three months banking statement will be needed to process your application.

If you have provided all the necessary documents, FNB will process your application by firstly performing a credit check to verify your profile. If all goes well, you should receive a notification from FNB Classic Credit Card for the collection of the card at the branch specified in the application.

FNB Contact Details

Application for an FNB credit card can be made online or by visiting your nearest branch.

Apply here for an FNB credit card.

Always check your budget before applying for credit to see what you can afford.

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