What are your Options for a Home Loan Application?

You have two options.  Go to the banks directly or make use of a Bond Originator. Going to the bank directly can be much work and you will most likely not get the loan or the rate that you looking for.

The property my ex-partner I bought we tested both options when we made application for the home loan. We approached the bank we were banking with for over 20 years and used a Bond originator to see what home loan amount and what interest rate we will get.  The ex and I failed at securing a home loan from our own bank and the Bond Originator successfully secured a home loan at one of the four banks.

Use a Bond Originator

My advice, make use of a Bond Originator. All you need to do is provide them with all the paperwork and the Bond Originator will do the work for you. The Bond Originator get a commission from the bank there is no cost to you. You can ask an estate agent to put you in touch with a Bond Originator, they will normally have a good relationship with a Bond Originator one company that they do business with. The Bond Originator will try there utmost to get you that loan.

Documentation Needed For A Home Loan Application:

  • Three-month bank statement
  • Salary Slip
  • Income and expense statement
  • Copy of ID documents
  • Copy of married certificate
  • Deposit – Having a deposit will greatly assist in you getting the home loan
  • Copy of purchase agreement (Estate agent will provide)
  • Latest municipality account (Estate agent can provide)

If You Self Employed – Provide Following Documentation:

  • Proof of income: Letter of Drawings from an Accountant (for all applicants if applicable)
  • Latest 6 months personal bank statements (for all applicants if applicable)
  • Personal Assets & Liabilities Statement
  • Latest 6 months business account bank statements
  • Latest 2 years’ Annual Financial Statements
  • Where Annual Financial Statements are not older than 6 months to date.
  • Current Management Accounts not older than 2 months signed by the applicant and accountant must be provided in addition to the Annual Financial Statements
  • A copy of your ID document (for all applicants if applicable).
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate
  • A copy of Registration Documents or Trust Deed
  • Copy of Purchase Agreement
  • 12 months bond statements
  • Latest rates/Levy Statement/Utility account statement

Check To See The Loan Amount You Qualify For:

Visit any online bond calculators beforehand to view what home loan amount you will qualify for.

Note that these tools are used to indicate what home loan amount you may qualify. It does not mean that any institution will grant you a home loan.

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