Legal Insurance

Legal Insurance

Most people never think that they will need legal insurance. We never think that they might end up in court. Or a day will come when they will be in need of an attorney to present us in a legal matter.

Let’s face it attorney’s or advocates are expensive. It all depends on the law firm you hire to handle your legal matter. You can pay anything from R400 up to R3000 per hour.

And if your case goes to court you will need to advocate to represent you. Advocates can charge you up to R60 000 per day for their services.

There is, of course, Legal Aid that provides free legal service but most of the money used by Legal Aid goes towards criminal cases. If you have a small matter like divorce, maintenance or an eviction legal matter then Legal Aid will not be able to assist you.

Legal Aid will maybe provide you with advice on what route to take get your legal matter resolved. If your legal matter is too small then Legal Aid will not take the matter on.

You can contact Legal Aid on the following number 0800 110 110 or visit the Legal Aid.

There are also legal clinics at universities around South Africa that assist the poor with free legal advice. If you go there you will most likely be assisted by a law student but they do report to a qualified attorney that guide the students.

You can contact the Wits Law Clinic on 011 717 8562.

UCT’s law clinic takes on cases but you have to meet certain conditions before they assist you legally.

Will You Need Legal Insurance?

Legal matters can drag on for weeks or even months and you do not want to deal with legal issues in your day to day life it can get stressful.

Getting legal insurance to make sure that you are covered for that unexpected legal matters to assist you when you need an attorney might just be the insurance you need.

Legal Insurance From Hollard

Legal Insurance from Hollard offers three level of legal insurance to protect yourself against those unexpected legal matters.

  • The A Plan – Insurance premium of R120 per month you get up to R120 000 cover per matter.
  • Plan B – Insurance premium of R130 per month you get up to R130 000 cover per matter.
  • Plan C – Insurance premium of R150 per month you get up to R150 000 cover per matter.

There is no annual limit on your legal cover. You may claim as many as you want depending it falls with your covered amount.

You can contact Hollard online to signup or get more information.

Calculate your budget to see what insurance premium you can afford.