How Do You Manage Money?

Manage Money

My parents never thought any of their five kids how to manage money. I guess growing up middle-class and struggling to make ends meet teaching their kids about money was the last thing on their minds. Most likely their parents never taught them anything about managing money.

I am half a century old today. The things I know about money today. I wish someone sat me down and gave this knowledge when I was younger. My knowledge of managing money is mostly self-taught. I am thankful for the internet and all other internet users willing to share their knowledge and experience about managing money. Otherwise, I will still be in the dark today.

My Tips On Managing Money

  1. Start a pension plan as soon as you start working.
    • None of us has any idea how long we going to live.
    • You do not want to live on the governments’ pension you will not survive.
    • You can always leave the fund to your loved ones.
  2. Start a savings account.
    • Start saving from your first pay cheque.
    • The savings can be used for a deposit on a house or to buy a car.
    • Get into the property market as soon as you can.
    • Buy more than one property.
  3. Forget clothing or any other store accounts.
    • Save money and buy what you need cash.
    • If you cannot afford to pay cash then buy on credit but pay it off sooner than later.
  4. Stop wasting money.
    • You do not need to spend huge amounts on brand names.
    • You do not need to entertain yourself every weekend.
    • Stop playing games of chance. (Gambling)
  5. Investing
    • Get a broker or start investing in shares yourself.
    • Build money relationships with family members.
    • Share your money investing ideas.
  6. Budget
    • Draw up a budget make sure you know where your money is going.
    • Budget the money you want to spend.
    • Have a budget for saving money.
  7. Education
    • Very Important. Spend money on educating yourself and your kids.
    • This is a long-term investment in yourself or your family.
    • People can take away your possessions from you no one can take your education.
    • Read, attend workshops on managing and growing your money.
  8. Reward Yourself
    • Save money for a holiday or that something special you want.
    • You do not have to reward yourself every month.
    • Reward yourself once a year you will appreciate it more.
  9. Give Back
    • Support one charity.
    • Volunteer or give financial support one or twice a year.
    • Assist the needy where you can.

Manage Money Insights

There are many places on the web that teaches us how to manage money. Here are some links for you take a look at.

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