Need a Quick Loan For an Emergency? Go With Wonga

Need a Quick Loan for an Emergency?

We all experience those months where things are not just going our way. Normally we keep our budgets in check make sure we do not overspend and we even put money into our saving accounts. But then there are those months that come along were just need that little bit extra funds to fix something or pay for something unexpected.

Where do You go for some Extra Cash (Wonga)?

The first people we normally approach for some cash are family members (Mom’s or Dad’s are always the first options), friends, employers, the loan agent in the neighborhood, and then financial institutions.

Trying to get a loan from the above list can get complicated. Family and friends have their own financial problems to deal with. Some employers are eager and willing to help and might just be your best option.

The loan agent down the road can get very dodgy. Financial Institutions like banks are always last on the list just because of the process involved in applying for a small quick loan, not the easiest to approach for quick cash

Wonga filling the Cap

This is where Wonga can assist you in getting a quick loan without any hassles.

This is how it works.

  1. Decide how much money you want to loan
  2. Decide over how many days or months you want to pay back (Maximum three months)
  3. Complete the online application form
  4. Wonga will verify your details
  5. The money transferred to your bank account

What You Will Need to Apply for a Wonga Loan

All Wonga will require from you is the following information to get you started in applying for a Wonga Loan.

  • You must have a cell phone number
  • You must have a South African Identity Document
  • A bank account
  • Most recent proof of your income (Salary slip)

Visit Wonga to start your loan application or call Wonga on 0861 966 421 if you have any questions.

Calculate your budget to see what loan amount you can afford.