Personal Loan From Absa

Personal Loan Absa

It is advisable to save your money for that something special you need or want. If you do not have the patience to wait and can afford to make a personal loan then a Personal Loan From Absa bank will help you to achieve that dream.

Absa bank offers personal loans up to R350 000 with 84 months payment terms making it affordable.

Customers form Absa Bank might provisionally pre-qualify for a personal loan. ABSA bank made it so easy that you can view your limits on ABSA online or at any ATM. If you are an ABSA customer and you still not using ABSA online then you can register here.

ABSA bank offers the lowest interest rate compared to other personal loan providers. If you are offered a lower interest rate from another FSP. Absa bank will better that interest rate. Read more here on how it works. ABSA price guarantees Absa claim form.

How To Apply For An Absa Personal Loan

What you will require to apply for an Absa Personal Loan

  • You have to earn a monthly income of R2000 per month.
  • Must have a bank account that your salary is paid into.
  • You must be 18 years or older
  • A South African Identity Document
  • Proof of your residential address not older than three months
  • Three months payslips and bank statement

Where To Apply For An Absa Personal Loan

  • You can make a loan application at Absa Bank.
  • Visit the nearest ABSA branch to make a loan application.
  • Call ABSA on 0860 100 372.

Visit Absa Bank online for more information.

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