Retirement Planning

Start early With Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is the last thing on your mind when you are young and just start to work. You need to save at least 50% of your salary to make sure you will have enough money when you do reach the age of retirement.

You will need to start saving for your retirement from your first paycheck. This can be an issue when you are young you will need money to fund your dream lifestyle you were planning for so long.

A word of advice plan for your retirement as soon as you start working. No one knows how long they will roam this world. If you reach old age and you did not plan for your retirement then you will be Scrooged.

When To Start Saving

Start a retirement plan as soon as you start working. Some companies offer retirement plans and some do not. Start your own plan even if you get a retirement plan at your job. Your job might change and the new employer might not offer retirement plans.

Why Save For Retirement

Expect to live longer. With all the advances in the medical field, people are living much longer than what they use to. The older you get unfortunately the more medical attention you will require. You have to make sure that your house, car and university fees are paid up. You do not want to retire with a bond or car payments.

How To Save For Retirement

When investing for your retirement you want your money to grow that will beat inflation. It will be best if you consult with a retirement advisor. He or she will be able to tell you how much you must save and what will be the best policy for your needs.

Old Mutual got advisors on hand to assist you with any questions or to start your first retirement investment.

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Is It Worth It

Definitely worth it to get a retirement investment. If you should pass away before the retirement age you can leave the retirement policy to your family.


Make sure you constantly check your budget.