Sanlam Personal Loan

Apply For R200 000 Sanlam Personal Loan Today! You Might Just Get Rewarded.

I am always on the lookout for a better deal or trying to see what reward I can get. I am surprised by the reward Sanlam personal loans offer to their clients. The reward is big that’s if you keep up with your personal loan payments.

What is the reward you might be wondering?

Sanlam offers this amazing reward if you take a loan with them and keep up with your payments. Once a year, a Sanlam personal loan client stand the chance of winning a car. You will only be entered into the draw if you loyally pay your loan payments.

Well, it is a given that when you have a personal loan you have to pay back the loan. Standing a chance of getting a reward and a car is awesome.

One of the best rewards I came across thus far. I am not sure how long Sanlam will have this reward going. I hope they keep it going for a long time.

It is good for financial institutions to display their gratitude this way. Hopefully, more companies will look at rewarding their clients in a big way. I wish that I was in need of a personal loan right now. I will definitely apply for a loan at Sanlam just to be in the draw you never know.

Are You Responsible?

Before you even think of making a personal loan. Make sure you will be able to afford the repayments. Make sure the loan is for something worthwhile or for an emergency. Always calculate your budget to see what loan amount you will be able to afford.

What Does Sanlam Personal Loans Offer?

  • Sanlam offer loans from R5000 up to R200 000.
  • Loan repayment can be from 24 months up to 72 months.
  • Sanlam offers fixed repayment terms.
  • Sanlam supports responsible lending and will review all loan applicants to make sure applicants can afford the loan.
  • Offers 20% back on loan repayments to Sanlam Reality members after 12 loan repayments.

What Do You Need To Apply?

  • South African identity document.
  • Up to three-month bank statement and salary slip.
  • Your bank account details.
  • You will not need security (collateral) as Sanlam loans are unsecured loans.
  • Married in community of property. Your partner will have to give consent for the loan application.

Applying For A Loan

You can give Sanlam a Call on 0861 44 00 44 or visit the Sanlam personal loan page.

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