Save Money And Spend Less

Save Money And Spend Less

Money plays a big role in everyday life, the more money is available to you the more you can do. But it is hard to cause the more we have the more we tend to spend on stuff we want instead of what we need.

Understand how to spend less money:

Spending less and saving more money it’s a craft it takes time and practice to master. So do not rush into it thinking I am ready to save, so do not make any big decisions and take it slow. Firstly work out how much you are spending on a monthly to yearly basis. You will be able to see where you fall short of your budget. Start to cut back a little at a time, see what items on your budget list you can spend less on, then review what is important to you, your needs over your wants. Only spend on items that add value to your life.


Budget – As mentioned before have a budget – Monitor all income and expenses from this you will be able to monitor your cash flow. Do not overspend and set aside money for saving.

Shopping list – Make a list before you go to the Mall. Stick to your list, do not let the kids or your partner talk you into buying something that is not on the list. Also, do not go shopping while you are hungry, people buy lots of unwanted products when they are hungry.

Keep a spending list – Keep track of the money you spend on a daily and weekly basis.

Check the prices – See where the specials are, keep track of the prices of the regular grocery items you buy. Change the supermarket you buy from time to time or see what they charge for certain products.

Brands – Some expensive brands does not mean it is better, experiment with the brands and try and be flexible. See what fits your budget.

Eating out / Takeaway – This can get expensive, sometimes we all need a break from the kitchen. Try and curb eating out to once a month and take away to twice a month. this is one of the easiest ways to spend your money and the food is all gone the same night or if there are any leftovers it is not good to be consumed the next day.

Try and apply the above list, add your own items or make your own list. Do not eliminate items or goods on the list but try to prioritize your list and save your money till when you are able to buy the items you want.

Do you calculate your budget each month? Calculate your budget here.