Saving Money On Your Insurance

Saving Money On Your Insurance- Do You Have Insurance?

Bet you do. Between 20% and 30% of your salary goes to insurance. We all have insurance that must be paid each month car insurance sometimes two, home building insurance, Life insurance if you have a bond, home content insurance and out and about insurance. We pay insurance to secure ourselves and also not spend extra, cash for any future unfortunate events that might occur.

Insurance Is The First To Be Cancelled:

When we experience financial difficulties, which we all do from time to time, the insurance is normally the first expense to be canceled. I know I have done this before. I will normally keep the insurance for the most expensive or high-risk items, like the car, building, and life insurance.

Some insurance companies do offer payment relief when you experience financial difficulties but that’s normally skipping a one-month premium payment, financial hardship can last for months, months.

Do This Before You Cancel Your Insurance:

The Other option you do have if you do not want to put yourself at risk is to get new insurance quotes. In most cases, you will get a cheaper quote to what your current insurer charges you. You may even get a reduction on your policy premium or your current insurer may match the new premium if you inform them that you leaving because of a cheaper premium.

The only hassle about switching insurer is the work you have to put in to get a new quote. Just calling one insurance company for a quote can take up to 40 minutes of your time. Then the quote might be more what you are paying.

Save Money On Your Insurance:

One way of saving is to consolidate all your insurance. Insurance companies offer discounts when you ensure all your items with them. The other way is to get quotes from other insurance suppliers.

Before you go and do this by yourself try Hippo.CO.ZA to do comparison quotes for you. Just register on the website list what you want to ensure and Hippo will do the work for you and spit out a list of insurance quotes.

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