Shoprite Educard

Shoprite Educard For School

Are you searching for a new approach to save on expenses such as stationery, basic groceries, and snacks for functions for your school? You can now save on these expenses with the Shoprite Educard, it’s not a credit card but a benefits card.

Shoprite is a retail outlet help its clients by bringing down costs on all basic supply and family items in all circumstances.

Why pick Shoprite Educard?

Shoprite Educard offers approaches to save money on regular instructive costs. Educard empowers you to get 2.5% off rebate on all your basic products. You get the chance to save money on the accompanying items; back-to-school stationery, school capacities, cleaning items and significantly more.

It is not a Mastercard, so you get up to 30 days to pay. You as a client, get your own customized credit to restrict.

As an Educard holder, you get lower costs as well as you will be upgraded on limited-time deals which will help you save money on decreased expenses.

What is required while applying?

Applying for Educard is simple, you can download the application frame, fill it and fax it to the Card Division at (021) 980 4741/43 or email it to You should have a South African green-barcoded ID archive, confirmation of living arrangement, and bank explanation not more established than 3 months which is utilized to survey your credit status.

Shoprite contact points of interest

Shoprite offers purchasers to coordinate contact with the organization through its client focus. Checkline, which can become by calling the sans toll number (when utilizing a landline) 0800 01 07 09 in South Africa. You can likewise email them on You can likewise visit their booths and converse with their clerks/tellers.

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