Standard Bank Banking App

Standard Bank Banking App Making Banking More Convenient

With the rapid growth of technology and software the business industry all over is just making our lives more convenient.

I must admit I was at first skeptical about the idea of doing banking on a phone or a tablet. Paying accounts, sending money, buying electricity etc.

That was the main reason I started using the Standard Bank banking app, to buy electricity. It was such a hassle and frustration of going to a store to buy electricity and then when you get there they will tell you their system is offline.

You end up driving around trying to find a place that is online just to buy electricity.

Today I cannot live without the Standard Bank banking app. Thank you Standard Bank for the Banking App.

And thank you to the rest of humanity who makes our lives easier and inventing all these new things.

Where to Get The Standard Bank Banking App

Let me recommend a good Android or Apple device that will support the latest Android or Apple operating software (OS).

Make sure that you keep your Android, Apple, and Banking App software updated.

The Standard Bank Banking App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple Istore

What It Cost For The Standard Bank Banking App

There is no sign-up fee or monthly subscription fees. You must be a Standard Bank account holder.

Standard network rates apply when downloading the app.

Data charges do not apply when you use the SA app, this does not matter what Network you are using.

What You Can Do With The Standard Bank Banking App

This is the part I enjoy it will save you time, money and just make your life so much more convenient.

  • You can make Payments and transfers
  • Edit your payment limits
  • Add payment beneficiaries
  • Set payment limits, set to automatically pay accounts each month,
  • Buy airtime, data, SMS bundles and electricity
  • Pay your traffic fines
  • Send cash vouchers to anyone with a cellphone
  • Stop lost or stolen cards
  • Check your balances
  • Manage your car and home loans
  • Get pre-approval on vehicle finance
  • Open a savings account
  • Get stamped statements, bank letters, and tax certificates
  • Submit and track building insurance claims
  • View your Stanlib investments
  • Link your accounts to your share trading profile
  • Make low-fuss international payments

Standard Bank Terms and Conditions apply.

View Standard Bank Terms and Conditions

Is It Safe To Use

Standard Bank uses the latest data encryption for security. No Banking details are stored on your device, and all data transfers are encrypted.

Do not share your app password with anyone.

You can add or remove multiple devices to use with your banking app account.

Final Verdict

I am not gonna lie, there have been some frustrations and always a concern when I am using the app. But at the end of the day, it has made my life easier and less stress and given me more time over weekends doing things I want to do instead of spending it in queues trying to pay accounts.

Contact Standard Bank Fraud line to report any fraud:

South Africa: 0800 020 600
International: +27 10 249 0100

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