Standard Bank Credit Card

Standard Bank Credit Card

Having a Standard Bank credit card just add convenience to your life. Knowing that you have access to emergency cash gives you peace of mind.  Just in case you need extra money. With a credit card, you can easily withdraw money from an AT. Or pay for transactions in-store. Credit cards are excepted at most if not all stores that offer electronic payments.

I have been a Standard Bank Credit holder for over ten years. The credit card came in handy when I needed to have extra cash for car repairs, emergency flights etc.

Credit cards also allow you to shop online.

Standard Bank Credit Card Options

Standard Bank offers 4 types of credit cards.

Gold Credit Card

  • Must earn a monthly income of R5 000
  • Credit limit up to R100 000
  • A monthly fee of R50.44
  • Personalized interest rate

Titanium Credit Card

  • Must earn a monthly income of R25 000
  • Credit limit up to R150 000
  • A monthly fee of R65.57
  • Personalized interest rate

Platinum Credit Card

  • Must earn a monthly income of R58 000
  • Credit limit up to R250 000
  • A monthly fee of R80.70
  • Personalized interest rate

Benefits Of A Standard Bank Credit Card

  • Standard Bank allows you to link your credit card to your UCount rewards account so you will earn rewards whenever you use your credit card.
  • Depending on the card you choose Standard Bank gives travel and lifestyle benefits with each individual card.
  • You also get the credit card protection plan.
  • Manage payments and credit limits with the Standard Bank App.

Read Standard Bank App.

How Budget Or Straight Charge Works


If you charge anything to the credit card with the budget option. You will then have to choose over how many months you want to pay back the charge. The bank will calculate the interest for the amount over the period you chose.


You charge any item using the straight option then you have to pay back the full amount within 55 days no interest will be charged.

Standard Bank Credit Card Application

You can apply for a Standard Bank Credit Card Online here.