Standard Bank Debt Consolidation

Get A Standard Bank Debt Consolidation Loan

Do you need to free up some cash for yourself? Are you paying installments on multiple accounts with various interest rates? Are you a Standard Bank client and find yourself in this type of situation? Consider a Standard Bank debt consolidation loan to assist.

A consolidation loan specifically caters for settling multiple accounts that you are in the process of paying off. Consolidating your accounts into one single loan will free up some cash as you will only pay off the single account each month.

The Standard Bank Consultation Method

Standard Bank uses a different approach to debt consolidation. Standard Bank puts its client’s best interests first. When you want to apply for a Standard Bank Debt Consolidation loan Standard Bank first do a thorough financial consultation with the client making sure they understand the financial situation you are in.

After this discussion, Standard Bank will give you advice on how to manage your debt and how Standard Bank can assist you in managing your debt. Depending on what you can afford Standard Bank might be able to assist with debts you have with other lenders.

Standard Bank Debt Care Centre

Standard Bank Debt Care offers debt assistance. Providing advice and assistance on payment arrangements, re-spreading of arrears, providing payment holidays, and debt consolidation.

Contact Standard Bank Debt Care Centre.

What To Do After Settling Multiple Accounts

  • Keep in mind the following when you settle multiple accounts with a debt consolidation loan.
  • Do not make more debt on the accounts you settled.
  • Do not open new accounts to buy more items on credit.
  • From the money that you are now saving each month pay more into the loan so that you can settle the loan sooner.
  • Another option is to save the money into a savings account.
  • You must remember the sooner you settle your accounts or your loans the less interest you will pay on these accounts.

Try To Stay Debt Free

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Life is full of unexpected surprises and many of those surprises involve money. I know this over the past two years I have been paying off my credit card bill. Each time it looks like I will make the final payment in a month or two something else comes along that requires me to use my credit card.

I am looking at paying off my credit card again within the next two months. Fingers crossed hopefully nothing major happens in life that will require me to use it again.

The best advice I can give to anybody is to keep your eye on settling your accounts. Do not make unnecessary purchases for items you do not really need. Change your mindset instead of focusing on where you can spend your hard-earned cash rather focus on where you can save your money and make your money work for you.

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