Standard Bank Home Loan

Standard Bank Home Loan:

Deciding to buy a home over renting a property can be one of the best decisions to make to secure your families future. Homeownership provides security and comfort and doesn’t depreciate with the passage of time. Standard Bank is just one of the many institutions in South Africa that provide home loans.

The Benefits Of A Standard Bank Home Loan:

Some of the features and benefits associated with the Standard Bank loan facility include the fact that you can apply on your own or with a partner as long as you and your partner do not have a bond registered in your name.

You may qualify for a loan of up to 104% of the value of the property, provided the loan amount does not exceed R1 million, and depending on your affordability and risk profile, the extra 4% may only be used to pay the transfer and bond registration costs.

You can repay your loan over 20 years, it has competitive interest rates, these loans are only available to private individuals and can’t be registered in the name of a trust or legal entity. Credit life insurance is also provided to clients.

This insurance covers payment of your home loan in the event of death, dread disease, permanent disability, or retrenchment.

See If You Qualify:

The best way to find out if you and your partner qualify for a Standard Bank loan is to visit the website and complete Standard Bank online bond calculator, This way you will have an idea of what you can afford.

Contact Standard Bank:

You can call Standard Bank to inquire about their home loans, 0860 123 000.

Visit Standard Bank online for more information

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