Ten Jobs You Can Do Without A Degree

Not Interested In Further Studying

Your child finished matric but is not interested in going to university, college, and wants to go straight into the job market. Not all matriculants want to study further straight after school. Some look at taking a gap year others are unsure of what they want to study.

We all know that having a good education is the key to being successful. Forcing your child to go to university might not be the answer. Statistics show that half of university students drop out after the first year.

Having your child sit at home doing nothing after 12 years of school is also not an option. Rather let find a job in the meantime to help pay the bills and will help to give them time to decide what they want to do.

Even if your child is not interested in studying further then if they apply him or herself then dedication and hard work can also lead to success.

Ten Jobs, You Can You Do After Matric

Call Centre Agent

You need to be a people person for this position. Your only requirement will be a matric certificate. Sometimes you might be required to work shifts.

If you have leadership skills and a strong personality then you can quickly work your way to a team leader, manager, or trainer.

Data Capturer

You must have computer skills. This position will be more for a person who does not like to interact with people that often.


Must have good computer skills, good language skills, and preferably proficient in more than one language.


All you will need is the proper driver’s license. You can be a bus driver, truck driver chauffering, etc.


You can start as a cashier, sales assistant, or work in the logistics department. If you apply yourself then you can look at getting promoted with the company.

Invoice Clerk

You must be computer literate. Must handle pressor well must be very good at attention to detail, after all, you will be working with numbers.


If you are good at talking, good at persuasion, and a people person then this might be the job for you. Salespeople work on a basic plus commission so the more you sell the more money you will make.

Most industries today require salespeople to sell their services or products. And once you get into the job you can always further your career by taking the extra course.


You must have excellent admin skills excellent communication skills as you will manage the office of a law firm.

Programmer or Developer

You will need to do some training by yourself to grips with the programming language that you are interested in. Web developers earn big as long as they understand and can deliver the end product that is required. See below links for online training courses to become a developer or programmer.

Starting your own business

Easier said than done. You might need some capital and support from your family but many people have started their own business while at school or after they completed school.

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