The Bad And The Good About Store Reward Cards

Reward Cards

No doubt you do have a reward card in your purse or wallet. Super Markets, Clothing Stores, Restaurants, and Banks all offer a reward card that will give you money back, special discounts or exclusive previews to products. I have about five cards that I make use of one or two on a regular basis and the others not so regular.

With today’s economy who not want a discount or get something for free? We all do well most of us anyway.  So what is bad about a reward card?

The Bad about reward cards

  1. Another card to fill your wallet.
  2. Signing up for a card can be a pain some suppliers require so much information that I eventually give up.
  3. Tracking you: If you not aware by now the store or supplier use the card to track you as a consumer. They check what items you buy, how many times you shop at their store the amount you spend. They basically build a nice profile about you and other customers.
  4. Another database out there with your personal information to steal and sell.
  5. Suppliers can and will change the Terms & Conditions of their card so it might save you as much as it did in the past.
  6. You get spam either via SMS or email.
  7. You sometimes have to spend a lot to get the reward.

The Good about reward cards

  1. Saving you money of course.
  2. Extra discount on sale items.
  3. Early access to new products.
  4. Invites to special sales events.
  5. You get an early notification on when the next sale is taking place.
  6. You get a notification on sale for a specific product you like to buy.
  7. Some cards offer that you can use your accumulated points with other retailers or providers.

Yes, I might take some time to get a reward back depending on the supplier or provider and yes, I do save money mostly on rewards cards from grocery stores and restaurants when I treat the family. I have to spoil the kids a little.

Stores that offer reward cards:
Pick n Pay
The Hub
Edcon (Edgars)
Standard Bank

Happy rewarding!

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