WesBank CashPower Loan

WesBank CashPower Loan – Consolidate Your Debt

Wesbank CashPower Loan – Now there is no need to spend all your money every month because you are paying off clothing accounts and other store cards! Simply apply for a Wesbank CashPower personal loan of up to R150 000 for you to consolidate your accounts. Once you settled your outstanding debt, you will be left with much less to pay, meaning more money for you to use each month!

About Wesbank Personal Loan:

  • Loan amounts from R5 000 up to R150 000
  • Repayment terms from 24 months up to 6 years
  • No face-to-face interviews application for a loan can be made online
  • Easy and fast processing, you will have the money asap
  • Cash deposited directly into your bank account

You Will Need The Following Documentation Before Making An Application:

  • A minimum monthly salary of R5 000
  • Your bank account details
  • Copy of your ID
  • 3 Months payslip
  • Document not older than 3 months to confirm a residential address

How Wesbank CashPower Loan Works:

Let’s say Mr. Jones buys a new fridge on store credit, which costs him R 540 per month. He also has two clothing accounts, for which he pays R 630 per month, and a credit card which costs him R 789 per month. This means his total repayments are R1 959 a month. So, after adding up the outstanding balances on all of these, Mr. Jones applies for a CashPower Personal Loan in the amount of R20 000 and takes it over a repayment term of 60 months. He then uses the loan to pay off ALL these accounts (and even has money leftover). His new monthly payment is just R 500, leaving him with R1 369 EXTRA to use every month.

How To Apply For A Wesbank CashPower Loan:

Apply Now Online or call 0861 01 01 02

Visit Wesbank Online for More Information

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