Motor Warranty Plans

Motor Warranty

Motor Warranty Plans – We treasure our cars, so much so that when something breaks on the car it can be inconvenient and a stressful time, especially if there is no money in our budget for major car repairs. Adding another policy added to your budgeted list can be a burden, but if you do not have any extra savings set aside for those unexpected expenses then having a motor warranty plan can be the policy that can save you from that extra expense.

When you buy a new car it comes with a warranty this range from one to five years. When the warranty of the motor manufacturer ends you can then take out a new or extended warranty for your vehicle. You can do this with the vehicle manufacturer agent, or with one of the many companies that offer warranty insurance.

What Is A Motor Warranty?:

A warranty is an insurance policy to assist you in the event that some major part on your car might break down and you do not have the finances to have it fixed.

Cost Of The Motor Warranty?:

The cost of the warranty plan all depends on what company you choose to sign up with for the motor warranty. The kilometers on your car and service history. It is best to contact the companies directly to get a few quotes.

Motor Warranty Cover The following?:

Motor warranty will cover the following parts engine, transmission, driveshaft, brake system, wheel rims, and wheel bearings. Parts covered also depend on the company that you sign up with.

Things you must know about a motor warranty:

  • The age and kilometers on your car depend if you qualify for a warranty plan
  • Read the terms and conditions – Parts that are covered and what your duties are to make sure that a claim does not get rejected. (Missing a service period)
  • Service intervals vary – Make sure you know when or the kilometers covered for service. Normally  within one year or every 15000km
  • Your claim might not be covered in full – Check with the company what they will cover in case of a claim.
  • Companies only pay half or some request part payment for work to be done.
  • Consumables and diagnostics are not covered – Check with the company you want to sign up with enquiring what they will cover.
  • The warranty can become invalid if you replace parts yourself.
  • Do not commit fraud. (Lie on a claim)

Where to apply for a Motor Warranty?:

Bidvest Insurance

Hollard Insurance

Motor Rite