Woolworths Credit Cards

Woolworths Credit Cards

Woolworths Credit Cards – Woolworths Holdings Ltd is a South African chain of retail stores and one of largest in the country. Woolworths are passionate about top quality products that offer top value and also making a difference in the customers’ lives.

With Woolworths credit cards you will receive W vouchers everytime you swipe your card. As a credit card holder, you will also be part of the Woolworths W rewards program that offers discounts and other benefits.

Woolworths offers 3 different credit cards:

  • Gold credit card: The Gold card gives you back 2% back in woolies vouchers when you purchase in the store and also 0.75% back in woolies vouchers on all purchases outside of Woolworths. Other benefits include an automatic basic travel insurance if under the age 75, in a sense that when you reach a certain level in your points. The Gold card allows you to draw at any ATM. If you apply for the Woolies Gold Credit card, you must confirm your employment information and should be earning more than R10 000.
  • Silver credit card: The Silver card gives back 1% back in Woolies vouchers when you purchase in-store and is tailored with benefits that include 0.5 % back in woolies vouchers for all purchases outside Woolworths. The same as the Gold credit card you get basic travel insurance and you can dr.aw at any ATM. You also need to verify your employment details and must be earning more than R2000.
  • Black credit card: The Black card gives you as the customer 3% back in woolies vouchers and a free coffee or tea at any Woolworths Café. It is packed with a lot of benefits and if you make orders or shop online, you get free delivery. As a cardholder, you will also get 1% back in Woolies vouchers. You need to confirm your employment and must earning more than R500 000 per month to apply.

Applying For Woolworths Credit Cards

If you wish to apply for any of Woolies credit cards, you must confirm you are above the age of 18 years with a valid South African ID and a proof of address.

You also need to have your banking information at hand which your salary or monthly income gets paid as well as your banking statement from any bank beside ABSA.

Woolworths Credit Cards Contact Information

When you apply for a credit card Woolworths will tell you which one is suitable for you and your financial life. Woolworths cards are worth considering if you are looking for a credit card. An application can be done online.

Apply online for a Woolworths Credit Card.

Budget Calculator – Check what credit you can afford.


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